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Win the race, while running in place - Run on full power Treadmill.  With a speed range of 0.5 - 12.4


The Stepper

530SStepperExceptional range and smoothness - Our stepper has one of the widest speed ranges in the market and is a comfortable workout for almost Read more...

Recumbent Cycle

750RRecumbentCycelsOne bike, many programmes - It is like a ride outside or trainning for the Tour de France. This is the most unique bike in the industry. With Read more...

The Arc

750AT_02ArcTrainerTHREE MACHINES IN ONE Train for strength, power, endurance, cardio, and weight loss. The Arc offers broad incline and Read more...

Upright Cycle

750CUprightCycelBeginner to olympian - The lowest starting level and the highest resistance. For those who never rode a bike before and those Read more...

Seated Calf Raise

Seated Calf Raise Seated Calf Raise

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