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It is our goal to provide our clients with the resources and environment that will contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Evolutions Health & Fitness Centre will bring to the residents and employees in the eastern end of the island the opportunity of working out in a first class facility with the option of obtaining resources that will assist them in establishing good eating habits. Including a work out in one’s routine brings many enhancements to one’s lifestyle, and one of the Health & Fitness Centre’s main goals is to offer a workout at an affordable price.

Get fit. Be fit. Stay fit.

The Principals of Evolutions Health & Fitness Centre are very enthusiastic about this business venture as it is one that will benefit many people in their community. Evolutions Health & Fitness Centre plans to bring to the St. George’s residents and employees a fitness facility that is long overdue.

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Evolutions Health & Fitness Centre Ltd.
14 Waller’s Point Road
St. George’s DD03
(Southside Commercial Park)

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